Seattle Housing Authority
    Seattle, WA
    Occupied renovations

    Seattle Housing Authority needed a renovation partner that could handle this large scope of work and also find solutions for decade-old plumbing and exterior leak problems that persisted despite repeated repair attempts. We addressed issues in 2,430 fully-occupied units in 24 separate high-rise buildings including:

    • 600,000 SF of exterior cladding with EFS and EIFS.
    • Conversion to ADA/UFAS standards to 65 units.
    • Replacement of entire electrical system in 233-unit building with only two shut downs.
    • Significant interior upgrades while fully-occupied.
    • Permanent solutions for low water flow and exterior concrete leak problems that had plagued the buildings for years.

    • 2,430 units

    • 1,886,233 square feet

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